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Parafia św. Floriana w Przydrożu Małym

Zaprasza Pielgrzymów na Szwedzką Górkę

Welcom to Swedish Hill


The place of miracle from the time of Thirty Years’ War. Once for their own entertainment and later because of orders they had been given, Swedish dragoons (Protestants) were schooting towards the painting of Mary, mother of Jesus. None of the bullets have ever reached the target, morover they bounced hurting soldiers deadly. Swedish have decided to burn the painting in public . They tried to transfer miracle image of Theotokos ( a title of Mary, mother of Jesus) to Nysa but during the Road the painting had gone missing and was fund here. From now on this place was colled Swedish Hill.

The local population has been coming to miraculous painting to pray for help and defense. They have built a small chapel which was visited by pilgrims from near and far. In 1741, a local teacher August Jensh has begun construction of the chapel. Bilding materials were offerd by Countess Maria Chorinski with family Starhember Herbstein. Baroque-rococo altar with a wooden Pieta has given sanctuary patronage of Mather of Sorrows. Miraculous painting was originally settled in side altar. Today its copy is placed on the left from main alter.

The sanctuary is open from May to November. Every Sunday  here is a Holy Masse at 16:00. On 13th of month here is placed Fatima devotion at 19:00.

Sanctuary of Mother of Sorrows on Swedish Hill as pilgrimage chuch is placed in parish dedicates to St. Florian in Przydroże Małe.

From 2015 Missionaries of Holy Family are responsible for pastoral ministry in this parish.

Congregatio Missionariorum a Sacra Famila is a religious congregation based on Catholic Canon law. It was founded in 1895 in Grave by French priest John Berthier.

Apostolate of good death, which is leader by Missionaries of Holy Family finds on Swedish Hill place for prayer and spirituals development.






Kwiecień - Październik:

 11 kwietnia - 31 pażdziernika 2021



Sobota (V-VIII) i Niedziela:

w sezonie 2021  -16.oo



Nabożeństwo Fatimskie:

13 CZERWIEC 2021 godz. 19.00.



  Adres: Rzymskokatolicka Parafia
pw. Św. Floriana w Przydrożu Małym

Przydroże Wielkie 5 |48-317| Korfantów




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